Hammer the Chopper

A Man in Scrounge biker gear, with a Weathered face, Calculating eyes, and a Fat body.




Pack Alpha (Roll +Hard to Impose your will on your gang)
Fucking Thieves (Roll +Hard to have your gang find stuff you need)

Hammer chopper

Huge, Responsive, Massively Chopped, Fat-Ass

2-harm gang medium 2-armor
Vulnerable: Breakdown

EXPERIENCE: 2 (04.24.2011)
(+ 1 cool)
(New Gang Option: Drop Savage)
(+ 1 hard)

Scrounged Asgardian Fashion (2-Armor)
Magnum (3-harm close reload loud)
Crowbar (2-harm hand messy)

Hammer has 1-Hold with Trout’s Hummingbirds Lala, Grace, and Heron. He can spend it to have them show up, ready to party, any time except in the middle of a battle.

Current Harm:
Countdown blank


To join the Valkyries, you need to have a fight with your sponsor, and give as good as you get.

Gang Members and associates as established:

Goldie (F, deceased: under mysterious circumstances, decapitated while sleeping on the bridge)
Stinky (M, The lookout on the top of the bridge)
Dog (M, Hammer’s father, former Valks leader, beaten to death by Damson)
Domino (F, One of Hammer’s Wings, she’s the only literate gang member)
Snake Eyes (M, One of Hammer’s Wings, killed by Crocs in the beach raid)
Hooch (F, Hammer’s ‘Alpha Female’ who keeps the home front in line)
Gnarly (M, Loudmouth agitating to replace Stinky)
Satan (M, the last recruit to join, now One of Hammer’s Wings)
Lars (M, Washed out when he tried to join (sponsored by T-Bone), Nils’ twin brother, killed by Damson when he and Nils attacked the Sunset)
T-Bone (M, Hammer’s half-brother, forcibly ousted as leader by Hammer)
Bullet (M, gang member who’s a notoriously lousy shot)
Dice (M, Gang Member who’s known as lucky)
Shit Head (M, Gang Member known for saying stuff at exactly the wrong time)
Juck (F, Aggressive Amazonian Brunette, known for double-teaming dudes with Loose)
Loose (F, Aggressive Amazonian Blonde, known for double-teaming guys with Juke)
Crille (Former Croc, joined in the rumble at the Power Pavilion)
Blues (Wanted to take out Crille, killed in the rumble at the Power Pavilion)
Half Pint (M, Valkyries Cook)
Wire (F, Killed by Domino for supposedly plotting against Hammer)

Plus a dozen or so more, named as needed in the future.

Hammer the Chopper

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