• Adele the Savvyhead

    Adele the Savvyhead

    A Woman dressed in Utility wear plus tech, with an Expressive face, Squinty eyes, and a Slight body.
  • Damson the Battlebabe

    Damson the Battlebabe

    A Man in Formal wear, with a Handsome face, Frosty eyes, and a Slim body.
  • Hammer the Chopper

    Hammer the Chopper

    A Man in Scrounge biker gear, with a Weathered face, Calculating eyes, and a Fat body.
  • Jones the Brainer

    Jones the Brainer

    A Man in High formal wear, with a Sweet face, Caring eyes, and a Slight body.
  • Trout the Hocus

    Trout the Hocus

    A Man in Formal Vestments with a Determined face, Burning eyes, and a Lanky body.