Decimation City (An Apocalypse World)

Session 7: What If?

Six weeks have passed since the attack on the Tomorrow! building to rescue Adele.

Trout’s new Hardhold is not without its difficulties: {Wealth Roll=9, 1-Barter, Want-Disease}

Damson’s efforts to shore up the Sunset have met with few problems: {Moonlighting Roll=10, 2-Barter}

Adele wakes up alert and ready to be where she’s needed {Bonefeel Roll=8, Hold 1}

As the day begins, each of our heroes has to deal with their own problems:

Jones deals with the nocturnal intrusion of Foster by filling his brain with banal images and succeeds in boring through to wrench knowledge form his attacker {Love Letter Roll=10, Ask 3 Questions}.

Who is Foster working for? ‘The Psychonauts’
What information is he probing Jones’ brain to find? Whether the Psychonauts can use Jones in their machine.
Where can Jones find the Psychonauts? At Downtown Mercy Hospital

Adelethinks fast and manages to convince the Robotics Lab security system that she’s the mysterious Eliza {Love Letter Roll=12, Gain ‘Skilled Labor’ perk for Workspace} and secures the services of the other Orphans, Annie, Harry, and Bruce, small AI helper bots similar to Oliver.

Hammer is rattled by the coordinated attack of the Crocs and Trolls and can’t manage to toss the bomb far enough before it goes off {Love Letter Roll=6}. All of the Trolls are either killed or dive off the Bridge so that none are taken alive, and one of them makes it to the top of the Downtown Tower and blows himself up, destroying the top 20 feet of the tower and seriously damaging the structure of the Bridge along with killing Stinky.

Damson elects to just let the soothing tones of the PSAs wash over him and not fight at all. {Love Letter, no Roll}

Trout steps in and smacks down Layla but not before getting an elbow to the face himself, leaving a bruise bigger than a dinner plate. {Love Letter Roll=8, Take 1-Harm AP}

The new girls, Audry and Annette, turn out to be a couple of malnourished skinny jailbait from Spider’s crew. After getting fed, they explain that a week or so ago a crazy bitch with a mask came by and told Spider to get out of the party business. He laughed her out, and last night the entire theater collapsed into itself into the ground in huge cloud of dust, apparently killing everyone inside. They only survived because they were outside, and came here to see if Trout could shelter them. Trout agrees to keep them safe and sends them to go work in the Garden on the roof.

Meanwhile, Damson needs to find something for Ruby’s pregnancy-related pains and heads over to the Rainbow Bridge.

Jones tells Tavi not to worry about his nightmare, and with her blessing heads out to the Bridge himself after selecting his formal straight jacket {Seduce/Manip=10}

Hammer has left the Valkyries in Hooch’s capable hands and heads out to seek advice from ‘the Wizard’, and they all encounter each other in the streets near the Bridge. Damson is sent on to the Valks by Hammer, who has no narcotics on him at that particular moment. When he arrives, he passes on Hammer’s request to Domino, who rousts the Valks to scare up some painkillers for him with no real difficulty. {Hammer, Fucking Thieves=11}

In her lab, Adele takes stock of her new helpers: Bruce is a manipulator ’bot, with multiple legs and hands capable of fine motor control; Harry is anteater-like, long and sinuous with a prehensile tongue and highly flexible tail; Annie is a hummingbird-sized flying sensor ’bot. She sets them to work on the mysterious suitcase that apparently belonged to Tony Stark.

When she heads downstairs to speak to Ruby, she finds her mesmerized by one of Watcher’s Patterns on the TV. She resists the hypnotic effect of the swirling images {Custom Move: Resist a PSA, Roll=10, Immune to this Pattern} and takes stock of her options {Read a Sitch=11}. She comes to the conclusion that she better wake Ruby up right away [What to Look Out For?], that she might be able to hack the signals the PSAs are going out on [Where is the Enemy Vulnerable?], and that they’re almost certainly coordinating all this from the main Emergency Broadcasting Network Facility in the old City Center [What’s the enemy’s true position].

So she sends Annie off to find Trout and get him to send help to snap Ruby out of it without hurting her baby.

Jones and Hammer cross paths and they agree that a trip Downtown is in order. Jones wants to strike fear into their enemies, so decks Hammer out in a Wizard’s costume, complete with point hat. The Valks are very dubious, but Hammer convinces them to come along {Pack Alpha Roll=10}, so they mount up: Satan, Domino, Shooter, Crille, and Bullet, with Layla, Grace, and Heron tagging along.

The robot arrives at Tomorrow!, where it is greeted with suspicion by little Sister Squirt, who gets Trout when it asks for him. He listens to Adele’s message and corrals Sister Mary (a Midwife) to go help her, but something about Sister Mary’s attitude makes him hesitate {Read a Person=8} and he realizes as he ask her aout going to help Adele that she views the Savvyhead as a ‘Machine Priestess’ who trucks with aspects of the Apocalypse better left undisturbed [What is she Really Thinking]. After patiently reminding the Sister that Adele is why they have electricity, he sends her over to SPECTOR to help.

Damson returns to the Sunset to see Ruby transfixed by the TV and Adele trying to figure out how to help. He catches a glimpse of the TV {Custom Move=9, Take -1 Ongoing}, but Adele snaps him out of it before he gets too deeply involved {Assist Roll=10, Damson 9>10, so Immune to this PSA}. Damson walks to Ruby and touches her, then concentrates with all his might on her and their daughter {Open Your Brain Roll=9}. Adele sees him doing this and does her best to block the signal from the TV to help him concentrate {Assist Roll=12, Damson 9>10, so Good Detail on the Current Situation}. He manages to break through the Maelstrom to communicate with the singular intelligence that inhabits his unborn child. She asks him “What If this world is not all there is? There are many possible paths, and I have seen others. But if we leave, together, we will be free, but you friends will be less able to combat the Call of the Watchers.” Damson decides that safety for Ruby and his little girl are tantamount, and agrees to let her carry them away to another Possibility. Adele blinks, unable to recall why she came downstairs to the boarded-up and deserted first-floor restaurant. {Damson, Retire to Safety}.

At that moment, Philo awakes in his Cabinet of Curiosities shop and goes about his day, touching up, dusting, and generally getting a feel for what might look good in the shop. The Room of Restraints lets him know it really wants one of those blow-up collars they put on the crazies Downtown. {Horde Hunger Roll=8, 1 Hold, spent to Name a Thing Present}, so Philo suits up to head out and try to find one.

Trout sends a message through the Tubes (one seems to have been in his office all along without his noticing it) to Adele telling her that Sister Mary in on the way {Custom Move, Send a Tube Message Roll= 11, It arrives quickly and without any changes}, and the message arrives promptly. As it is whisked away, Little Sister Sprite arrives to breathlessly tattle to Trout that Rabbit and Must are about to kill one of the new girls. He arrives to find them holding Annette over the edge by her hair, insisting she is a ‘little junkie whore’ who tried to steal some drugs off of her. Trout calmly asks the girls who amongst them hasn’t sinned a bit and gets them to agree to let her live, just this once, after he assures them he’ll kill her himself is she steps out of line again {Seduce/Manipulate, Roll=11}, then turns Annette over to Sister Superior for a session of forced detox.

As the day wanes, Philo heads towards Bifrost to ask the Valks about a trip downtown, even as they ready themselves for an assault on the Hospital, Trout goes to check on the other new girl, and Adele sees the stern Sister Mary arrive at SPECTOR with some kind of pamphlet in her hand.


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